Water Damage Services Altadena

When water damage occurs, there are several basic steps that need to be taken in order to remove water from all areas. If the water is not removed in a timely manner, severe damage will occur such as mold and mildew.

One of the first steps a cleaning and restoration crew will perform is an inspection. An inspection will be made on all areas of your property and they will also determine what caused the loss. They will also verify if any repairs have been made to eliminate the source of the water. Next, water will be removed by extracting it or by evaporation. The next step will be to remove unsalvageable items such as wet carpets and pads. If the depth of the water is high, the baseboards will be removed.

Protecting furniture and contents will be the next step. Furniture and other contents in a home are moved to a safe area while the cleaning process continues. If belongings are affected, they will be sorted as to what is salvageable and what is not.

Containment is the next step in the process. To create a drying chamber, the water damaged area or areas are isolated in order to for drying to occur. This is done by closing a door or putting up plastic sheeting in order to increase the efficiency of equipment that is being used by the cleaning and restoration crew.

Disinfectant is the next step and is applied to surfaces that were affected by the water. Air scrubbers and special drying equipment is used to ensure that areas affected by water are completely dry. Reinstallation and repairs are then done, as well as cleaning the carpet and replacing furniture.

To conclude, water damage can harm a home from the outside as well as the inside. However, with water damage services such as Water Damage Services Altadena, damage can be contained and minimized.